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I finally met Lady Sekhmet and Lord Nefertem (properly)


I went to the temple complex because I wanted to meet lord Imhotep. I went to his office and he was talking with someone.

Imhotep: Can you wait a bit? we’re nearly done. 

Me: Yeah, sure. 

(proceed to look around the office, apparently he has lots of paintings and also miniature pyramids all over the place, and a scale model of the step pyramid)

Imhotep: Is that all?

Staff: Yes sir. 

Imhotep: (looking at me) I haven’t seen you in a while. (he opens his arms)

Me: (runs into his arms) Yes. Sorry.. Do you receive my offerings? 

Imhotep: Yes, thank you for that. Look. (he gestured to a big bowl with some coins)

Me: that’s a big bowl.

Imhotep: Don’t worry, you’ll fill it up. So how are you?

Me: okay….

Imhotep: mhhmmm.

Me: Okay fine~ Everything is shit, I dunno what to do and everything sucks. 

Imhotep: But you know what you need to do, yes? Just do what you can, that is all that you need to do now. Come, walk with me, you want to see His Lordship?

Me: yeah… okay.. 

(we walk and walk and we reach an inner courtyard like place, there’s a pond there, or lake, and trees, ish..)

(I saw my Lord Ptah and Lady Sekhmet sitting at a table with a huge umbrella/cover)

Nefertem: (from behind me) Oh, you’re here.

Me: Lord Nefertem! Hello~ :o

Nefertem: Not running away?

Me: No. I’m not, sorry… >_<”

Imhotep: Lord Nefertem, its good to see you. 

Nefertem: Join us, both of you, we’re having desserts. (gesturing to the table)

(I sat down next to my Lord Ptah, He was having a smoothie of some sort - Lord Nefertem  had a sundae with fruits - sat next to Lady Sekhmet who is having a tall glass of ice cream- )

Ptah: Imhotep, won’t you join us? 

Imhotep: I’ll have them at the office, I have work to do. 

Ptah: You always have work to do!

Imhotep: I know, its fun. I’ll take my leave now, sire (bows to Ptah) Lady Sekhmet, Lord Nefertem (bows to them).

Me: Uh… my Lady Sekhmet (bows to her). 

Sekhmet: Wimp! Put some backbone into it! 

Me: >_<”

Ptah: Honey, stop, you’re scaring the boy. 

Sekhmet: Yeah, well, I am sorry. Its not your fault that you’re scared of me. I did it because I don’t want you to work with me, you won’t survive. 

Me: But I never wanted to work with you. :o

Sekhmet: It was over a year ago, when you’re a newbie. You were looking for gods to work with and I was all over your dash and I was afraid you’d take that as a sign to work with me. I mean, I am famous. But that doesn’t mean I’ll take anyone under my wing. 

Me: I guess I never realized that… 

Sekhmet: and I AM Beyonce dammit! 

Me: ehehehehehe..

Sekhmet: Once you’ve grown a backbone, maybe we can see if there’s something you can do for me. But for now, no. Nefertem is a better choice than me though. 

Nefertem: True, you can work with me if you want. You want to be a healer, right? Father can teach you so many things too. 

(there’s actually more things we talked about, but I can’t say it, cause reasons)

Me: Lord Nefertem, why do you appear to her (mehinefertem-ra) as a child?

Nefertem: (assume the child form) There’s something about teaching someone in a child form - it exudes innocence, purity, potential. (assume adult form)

Me: Ahh, okay.. 

Ptah: you need to go now, right? Come back later? 

Me: Yes, my King. My Queen, (bows to Sekmet), my Prince, (bows to Nefertem). I’ll see you soon my Lord. 

Nefertem: Thanks for the offering! 

Sekhmet: Yeah, thanks for that. 

(and I am back)

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Offerings/UPGs for Sobek?

Does anyone know what offerings is good for Sobek? Or share any UPGs about him? Sobek kids, help me please :3

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Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman


Homosexuality is unnatural! It says so in this book where snakes talk, people come back from the dead, a guy walks on water, and a virgin has a baby. →







princesspruprupoo replied to your post “I was trying to figure out how to pronounce Thoth’s other name. I think it’s Djehuty or a close spelling to that. So I kept attempting and ended up calling him ‘Judy’. From now on, clearly, that is how…

littleredjackal What’s the Ibis? I don’t know much about this stuff.​

The Ibis bird, Thoth’s patron animal as Anubis is jackal~ :D

Ohhhh. I’m sitting here thinking, “Isn’t it an owl though?” But what do I know man?

Nooo XD never know a Netjer with an owl as a patron, tho

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