Disney Princesses as Pop Culture Heroines By: Isahiah Stephens  

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Just because I’m on a different path doesn’t mean I’m lost.

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YES. this sums it up.

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I hope I got the right hieroglyphics for Nephthys.


I hope I got the right hieroglyphics for Nephthys.

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As soon as I try to focus it seems that I have something popping up



This time it seems to be in the form of Setekh.

Any advice on dealings with Setekh is appreciated.

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I’ve got some information on him (links below) and I’ll **star** the ones that are more UPG/personal based, as opposed to historical in nature.

He’s kinda rough around the edges, but means well. He usually brings big change into your life- which sometimes isn’t pleasant. Don’t be afraid to yell at him. He’s resilient like that (and I think he likes it, tbh). If he ever cries and whines about you not doing something, give him something sparkly and shiny and he’ll usually get over it.

If you need any assistance regarding him, let me know. Been working with him for quite a while :3

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Husky / / Anna


Husky / /

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Yes, I love to read that kind of stories since I was little.

Of course I didn’t know the term “polyamory” back then. But I only know that this king’s favorite wife isn’t the queen, and the queen’s cool about it as long as SHE gets to sit on the goddamn throne. The favorite mistress is not hostile to the queen either.

and there is this other king who insisted to have a monogamous marriage with the daughter of a servant who wasn’t betrothed to him, and refused to marry his actual fiancee, the prime minister’s daughter and it resulted in a war which made him lost his crown and separate him from his wife and daughter till his death. so fucked up *sigh

plus, I see women holding swords, here & there. they’re not depicted as those weak, clingy princesses/noble ladies who can only wait for their men to save them.

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